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Professional Skills

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The variety of classes in the MPA program sharpened my professional skills in a wide array of areas, most importantly in research and data analysis, budgeting, microeconomic analysis, administrative processes, policy analysis, and managerial issues.

The following papers demonstrate the utilization of the aforementioned skills.

Gender Inequality in the Environmental Nonprofit Sector?

The research that I conducted over the course of a year looked at the gender distribution of the executive and board leadership in environmental nonprofit organizations. Find out if women are indeed at a disadvantage in regard to leadership functions.

St. Raymond's Church Budget Analysis

This paper analyzes the budget of the St. Raymond's Catholic Church in Dublin, California, issuing recommendations where improvements could and should be made.

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act

This policy analysis paper discusse the main factors public administrators need to know to implement and execute Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the most successful and satisfactory way.

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