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Knowledge of Nonprofit Administration


The role of nonprofit organizations in public service provision has dramatically increased over the past decades, becoming a vital force for the wellbeing of our communities. Regardless of the sector served, people working in the nonprofit world are driven by their commitment and are inspired to change the world for the better.

I have chosen nonprofit administration as my emphasis as I would like to become part of this movement. I want to find meaning in my work, knowing that my contribution will help to induce change. Please find below some examples of my nonprofit related work that spans from local to international issues.

Public Funding of Faith-based Organizations

This paper discusses the controversial issues of federal funding for faith-based organizations, analyzing the claim that they are superior service providers compared to their secular counterparts and governmental agencies.

European Commission and ECHO - Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission

The profile of the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission (ECHO) provides an extensive overview over the organization's mandate, organizational structure, funding, and accountability issues.

Sri Lanka - Supporting Peace and Reducing Poverty

This research paper investigates the collaborative project of the German Agro Action and the Sri Lankan Sevalanka Foundation to alleviate poverty in Sri Lanka and to build a strong civil society.

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