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Team Work/Leadership Skills

Team Work/Leadership Skills

Team work is a key component of today's work environment, and the MPA program offered numerous opportunities for working collaboratively. In fact, team projects became my most favorite assignments as I had the pleasure to work with the most committed and knowledgeable colleagues there are. Please find below some examples of my collaborations with MPA peers.

Human Resources Plan for Managing Diversity

Changing demographics require adjustments in the hiring process and management of employees. This plan outlines best strategies to create a diverse workforce, bringing out the maximum potential of workers.

The Zero-based Budget at Northwest Florida Water Management District

This budget analysis investigates the pros and cons of zero-based budgeting, issuing recommendation to the Northwest Florida Water Management District on how to improve their budgeting process.

PILOTs and Other Local Fees

Payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) and other local fees are investigated as opportunities to raise money from sources that have been traditionally tax-exempt, such as nonprofit organizations.

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