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Writing Skills

Writing Skills

You can write about anything, and if you write well enough, even the reader with no intrinsic interest in the subject will become involved.
~Tracy Kidder

Although writing has always been my strength, the MPA program refined and enhanced my proficiency. The wide array of writing skills required - from composing short and concise memos to longer reflective papers to even longer and highly elaborate research papers - made me certainly a more effective and efficient writer.

Human Resources Director Interview

My interview with the Human Resources director of the City of Dublin, California, allows an interesting insight into the challenging work of a local government official.

Self-control as the Key to Success?

David Brooks argues that focusing on structural solutions to improve educational outcomes is not working. Instead, he argues the key to success lies within the human nature of people. My reflective paper analyzes his claim, carefully weighing the pros and cons of his argument.

A Feminist Perspective in Public Administration

This paper critically reflects on Camilla Stiver's claim for a feminist perspective in public administration.

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